Brilliant: Spain Combines Boys and Girls Basketball Leagues

Source: RedState | March 13, 2019 | Bonchie

The fight over transgenderism and sports has been heating up the last few months. We’ve recently seen boys claiming to be girls dominating high school girls in track.

In the same vein of “equality,” some genius in Spain decided it’d be smart to combine boys and girls junior basketball leagues. 16-18 year old male and female teams ended up competing directly against each other and the results were probably even worst than expected.

When the reigning girl’s championship team gets beaten 50-4 by an average boys team, maybe that’s a hint that boys and girls are different? Just a thought.

Let’s be honest. This is insane. Everyone knows it’s insane. A majority are just too afraid to say it for fear of public shaming and retribution. … With schools across the United States starting to integrate “transgender females” with real girls, we are seeing more and more of these ridiculous stories being reported.

In reality, there’s no difference between having boys and girls compete against each other and having transgender females compete against females. The biology is the same and the outcomes are the same. These nonsensical pushes are going to do only one thing…Destroy women’s sports.

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