California Stopping Trump

Source: Redstate | 4.9.2016 | Dan Spencer


Three veteran California Republican operatives, Rob Stutzman, Richard Temple and Ray McNally are working to keep Donald Trump from winning any of California’s 172 Republican National Convention delegates:

“I think it’s possible Trump gets shut out in California,” Stutzman told NBC News.

Sen. Ted Cruz is doing his part. He’ll make two campaign stops in California on Monday — a rally in Irvine and another in San Diego. Stutzman said that California’s system makes it more possible to defeat Trump by focusing very specific, targeted messages to Republicans in each district. Only 13 of California’s 172 delegates are awarded to the winner of the state, the rest are doled out based on the winner of each Congressional district.

This is the winning formula that worked so well in Wisconsin focusing on delegate-wins instead of state wide wins. Trump has failed to master the complicated minutia of delegate allocation — a major weakness of his candidacy.

Stutzman plans to ramp up the California stop Trump effort in the next ten before early voting starts there on May 9. California’s late presidential primary hasn’t really mattered since 1972 when Sen. George McGovern won California and the Democrats nomination.

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  • slhancock1948 #4161

    I heard they don't like him in Indiana, either! Maybe this is the end of the line for Trump. After reading that article that if you were going to cross over to vote Trump as an independent or democrat in New York, you had to have done it by October 9th, well that may make some difference in the polls and the actual voting. It's too late for people who are considering doing it now. WooHoo!

    I just pray that if Trump falters in NY that Cruz wins and not Kasich.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    rodamala #4164

    I can hear that retard attorney that Hannity puts on now, “Yeah, but Mister Trump is gonna cream Croooze in Noo Yawwk. Crooze has no path to the nomination and should get out NOW, Sean.”

    Cruz Campaign:

    Trump Campaign:

    slhancock1948 #4169

    Now that the whole issue of the delegates is in the open, it is almost too late for Trump…unless he buys them off.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Woodcutter #4171

    Rod, those images cracked me up! But they are so true!!!

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