Can Donald Trump or Ted Cruz Beat Hillary Clinton? A New National Poll May….

Source: Red State | March 24, 2016 | Dan McLaughlin

Can Donald Trump or Ted Cruz Beat Hillary Clinton? A New National Poll May Surprise You

Trump is the Titanic. Ted Cruz is the Lifeboat.

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

There’s a new Bloomberg national poll out, and if you ever had any illusions about the well-documented evidence that Donald Trump would be a Hindenburg-sized disaster as a general election candidate against Hillary Clinton, this should lay those doubts to rest. Trump trails Hillary by 18 points, 54-36, and the news gets worse from there.


And the saddest part? Respondents in the Bloomberg poll picked Trump over Cruz by a whopping 66-26 margin on the question of “Has the best chance of beating Hillary Clinton?” Even as poll after poll after poll confirms what any moderately sentient observer of American politics knows – that Trump would be a catastrophe in November – ordinary voters seem regularly to be under the impression that other voters like Trump a lot, so he must be a strong general election candidate. Trump is running on electability, while not having it, and not having principles, either. It seems at times as if the voters need to see Trump destroyed by Hillary before they will believe it. It is the job of Cruz, and of everyone who opposes Hillary’s election to the Presidency, to spread the word that this is nonsense, before it’s too late for us to turn back from the brink. A vote for Donald Trump in the primary is a vote for Hillary Clinton.

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