Carpenter: Look at the Delegates: It’s a Cruz-Trump Race

Source: Conservative Review | March 2, 2016 | Amanda Carpenter

The morning after Super Tuesday, one thing should be apparent to anyone who can count.

At this moment CNN projects that Donald Trump has won, throughout all the contests, 305 delegates. Ted Cruz has 205. Marco Rubio has 103. John Kasich and Ben Carson are barely asterisks in the race. In other words, it’s a Trump-Cruz race and as such, it’s time to reframe the narrative that has dominated the GOP primary.

The establishment is officially dead. Charitably, those forces have only won one—count it, one—state so far with Marco Rubio’s victory in Minnesota last night. But the ol’ Mondale firewall isn’t going to hold. It’s extremely unlikely Rubio will even be able to win his winner-take-all home state of Florida on March 15th. That’s not only disqualifying for a GOP presidential nominee; that may also disqualify him to be someone’s vice presidential pick if he can’t even deliver his home state.

Two “outsiders,” to dust off the overused term, now dominate the field. And although it can certainly be argued that Trump, with so many of his past and present liberal policy positions, could be labeled an “establishment” candidate, that framing masks the danger Trump’s candidacy poses.

Every presidential race is a reaction to the one before it, and Trump and Cruz present two very different reactions to the presidency of Barack Obama, both in style and substance.


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  • Consistent #1951

    rodamala #1952

    So sad that Rubio was given Minnesota… without that, and the whopping 1 delegate more that he got over Cruz, it woulda been clear that Rubio needs to GTFO… but no… he will stay until Florida… Kasich until Ohio… and Carson ’til… well, at least when he needs to go get his next change of clothes.

    I fear that but that time, these egomaniacs will effectively hand the whole waxball to Drumpf, who can, in turn, pass it on to Hillary, as per the playbook Drumpf let the NYT leaf through.

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