Carson cutting 50 people amid fundraising shortfall

Source: Washington Examiner | 4 Feb 16 | Al Weaver

Ben Carson is set to dramatically slash the size of his campaign operation, cutting more than 50 positions overall as he looks to carry on in the 2016 race.

According to the Washington Post, Carson is making the moves after fundraising significantly dried up. Salaries are also being cut to conserve costs after the campaign grew to about 125 before his fall from grace and into the second tier.

Key campaign advisers, however, will remain, including chairman Bob Dees, campaign manager Ed Brookover, and communications aides Jason Osborne and Deana Bass, according to the Post.

“Dr. Carson is going to get his campaign lean — really lean,” Armstrong Williams told the Post. “One issue for a while has been too much infrastructure and he has decided to fully address it so that he can sustain his campaign until the convention.”

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  • ConstitutionalConservative #470

    I suppose he will be dropping out shortly and probably supporting Trump, but Cruz will pick up the vast majority of his voters.

    Consistent #473

    rodamala #474

    Has CNN reported this yet? /s

    Scarlett_Says #483

    Should save some more money and end the campaign now.

    FReeper formerly known as Brothers4thID

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