Chip Roy Back to Team Cruz: Huge News From the Cruz Camp

Source: The Resurgent | March 10, 2016 | Erick Erickson

Wow. This is great news about a good friend of mine. The Cruz camp is definitely sending the signals that it’ll be the nominee.

The Trusted Leadership PAC, a super PAC created to consolidate support for the candidacy of Senator Ted Cruz for President, today announced that Chip Roy is joining the team as its Executive Director.

Roy served as Chief of Staff to Senator Cruz during Cruz’s first two years as Senator, from 2013-2014. During that time, Roy worked side-by-side with the Senator in the fight against Obamacare, the fight to stop the Gang-of-Eight amnesty bill and the fight to stop a gun registry bill.

“This is a two-person race where Senator Cruz is building significant momentum and is the proven conservative, able to win the nomination and defeat Hillary Clinton,” said Kellyanne Conway, president of Keep the Promise I. “Chip brings a wealth of experience in politics and public policy, and a deep understanding of Senator Cruz’s philosophy and track record and we are happy to have him on board.”

“Trusted Leadership PAC is a great team dedicated to electing Senator Cruz to the White House at a time when his leadership, integrity and willingness to stand up for the people against the Washington power-brokers is sorely needed to restore the great promise of America,” Roy said. “It was an honor to fight alongside him in the Senate and I am excited to work in support of his candidacy when so much is at stake for the future of our country.”


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