Cleaning Up The Mess Trump Supporters Have Made Of The Internet

Source: Red State | April 8, 2016 | Ulysses Arn

The supporters of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump really are making a mess of things on the internet and it is time to clean that mess up.

That begins by letting all the Trump supporters out there in on a not so little secret, that website you love to share stories of on social media called, it is a fake.


What should bother Trump supporters even more than the fact that they’ve been duped by a fraud site, is that the same people running also run another site called That site is a pro Bernie Sanders one, and it too cuts and paste stories together with sensational headlines.


Percent of Fake Twitter Followers


Trump, and his inner circle then use those fake stories, or retweet them from the fake followers, spreading the made up propaganda even further.

That incestuous relationship was on full display Friday when the Daily Caller ran an op-ed by Trump hatchet man Roger Stone. In the op-ed, Stone repeatedly cites as the sole basis for his accusation that Mark Levin, Glen Beck, and Erick Erickson support Ted Cruz solely because the GOP establishment is giving them money.

First, everyone should know that TheConservativeTreeHouse is and has been a pro Trump blog all cycle.  Second, Sundance, the TreeHouse’s primary writer, is a major league anti-Semite and he has a personal thing against Mark Levin.(Side note what is it with Trump and getting the support of all these anti-Semite, neo-Nazis, and other white supremacists?)


Another thing that should be known about the TreeHouse is they love to say that everyone is being given money from the establishment, and that then is the reason why the subject of their hit piece is opposed to the great and wonderful Donald Trump.

The piece Stone cites in his Daily Caller op-ed, lumps everything together, Levin got money from Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund, Erickson gets money from the Ricketts family who own the Chicago Cubs, a GOP operative works with Beck, thus the establishments bought these guys off which is why they all back Cruz.


This campaign and the internet in general would be a lot better off if the Trump people would just stop sharing the fake stories from Prntly, the anti-semitic conspiracy garbage of Sundance, and someone please take away all platforms for Roger Stone.


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  • Consistent #4130

    EVERYDAY #4135

    Yes, there are Trumpbots who know these stories are garbage, but they will post them over and over again in an attempt to lure a lo-fo undecided or independent to not consider voting for Ted Cruz, but rather, to vote for Trump.

    And these trolls have easy pickings because there are so many voters out there who are dumb as rocks and will believe anything. I just spent almost a half hour of back and forth on Facebook with a woman named Margaret who posted that phony story about Ted and Heidi Cruz being cousins. Even after telling Margaret that the website which apparently first generated the story is a satire site, and that certain elements of the story — i.e. the call letters of the radio station which allegedly interviewed him and the identity of the supposed interviewer — are both phony, she still insists the story is true. Why? Because the story has been repeated by other dubious websites such as prnty and Marshall Report. It’s the old saying “if it’s on the internet, it has to be true.”

    I sometimes wonder if there is something in the water that turns brains into mush. Or maybe it’s the result of years of indoctrination in our commie public schools. Students are not allowed to think critically. They are taught to accept every bit of baloney their teachers feed them. So they go through life accepting everything as gospel without the ability to think for themselves or to do any research to see if what they read, see and hear is true.

    This is why sites like prnty, Marshall Report and so many fake news, satire and conspiracy theory websites thrive. People nowadays will believe anything.

    Consistent #4136

    Are you sure that Margaret is real?

    EVERYDAY #4138

    Who knows? There are plenty of fake Trumpbot Facebook accounts. The obvious ones are those that just have a name, but no photos and nothing else. And they repeat the same post over and over again. They dont interact with anyone. Margaret does have photos and such, but they could be fake.

    ConstitutionalConservative #4139

    Well said all!

    rgintn #4166

    if the internet was around when Huey Long was running for president his supporters would be like trumpkins…big govt populist leftists.

    Consistent #4176

    Margaret does have photos and such, but they could be fake.

    They are good at stealing photos and profiles. I’m encountering them and busting in a professional forum.

    CA Surveyor #4229

    >> “Who or What is Behind Trump’s Online Army?” <<

    “Mystery Babylon.”

    Read your Bible! These things continue to get worse until Yeshua returns and crushes them.

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