Coeur d'Alene police investigating shooting of pastor outside church; suspect at

Source: KHQ | March 6, 2016 | Matt Pusatory



Coeur d’Alene Police report a man has been shot in the parking lot of the Altar Church Sunday afternoon. Police first responded to the scene in the area of 9th and Best Ave. just before 2 p.m.


When officers arrived they found a man in the parking lot of the church with several gunshot wounds. The victim, who has been identified by friends as Pastor Tim Remington,  was taken to Kootenai Medical Center where he is being treated for his injuries in the trauma center. The hospital reported Sunday afternoon that Remington was in critical condition.


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  • EVERYDAY #2228

    Pastor Remingron had prayed at a rally for Ted Cruz yesterday.

    Prayers up for the Pastor.

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    Pray for his recovery.

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    Scarlett_Says #2238

    Pastor Tim was shot 6 times: one shot shattered his pelvis. 4 shots went in his back. 1 shot went in his head.

    Reports from this in his church say that doctors have told them he will make a FULL recovery. No damage to his spine or brain.

    Let that sink in–

    God is Great.

    FReeper formerly known as Brothers4thID

    EVERYDAY #2240

    Such good news about Pastor Remington. Praise the Lord!

    Of course, there are troublemakers going around social media claiming the shooter was a Trump supporter. There is even one claim that Ted Cruz hired someone to shoot the Pastor so he could blame the shooting on Trump. Even worse, there are idiots who believe these theories.

    Stuff like this reinforces the feeling that this country has indeed lost its way. People can’t just offer prayers and hope for the Pastor’s recovery. They have to turn the incident into something political and use it to bash those who oppose them. The assault on the Pastor is tragic, but perhaps more tragic is the way people are using the assault to spread hate

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