Colorado Trump protest over Cruz delegate sweep draws fewer than 200

Source: Washington Times | April 16, 2016 | Valerie Richardson

The Colorado protest organized by frustrated supporters of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump didn’t quite live up to the hype.

Local news footage showed that between 100 and 200 Trump fans gathered outside the Colorado state capitol Friday to denounce last weekend’s GOP convention results, which saw Texas Sen. Ted Cruz win all 34 delegates.

The crowd fell fall short of the thousands predicted after Mr. Trump denounced the Colorado Republican Party last week for what he described as a “rigged” and “crooked” process.


In nearby Greenwood Village, an estimated 50 to 70 people held a competing rally to show support for the Colorado Republican Party outside its headquarters. State party chairman Steve House has received death threats since the convention in Colorado Springs from irate Trump supporters.


“We are concerned about that because when you are exercising your political rights you should be able to do so without threats or intimidation,” Jimmy Sengenberger, who helped organize the pro-GOP rally, told Fox31.

Mr. Cruz spoke at the Colorado GOP convention, while Mr. Trump and Ohio Gov. John Kasich did not.

“This whole thing has become a joke, a bit of a laughingstock,” said KNUS-AM’s Steve Kelley on Friday’s show.

Mr. Kelley also said that 37 percent of the Republican votes in the GOP caucuses and primaries so far have gone to Mr. Trump, but he has 45 percent of the delegates.

“If the system is rigged, it’s rigged in your favor, Trump protesters,” Mr. Kelley said.

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    Victoria #4579

    Cruz is giving a speech at the Wyoming convention right now. The reporter says he will get most of the delegates at that convention.

    We were talking about conventions yesterday, and Bob thought if you were selected as a delegate to the state convention and/or to the national convention, the party would pay for your trip/hotel/food, etc. I told him no, each delegate has to pay for his/her transportation to and from the location and pay for the hotel, food, etc.. They get no money at all from the party. If you don’t have the money, you aren’t going.

    The only persons whose expenses are paid by the party are the state chairman and vice chairman and the two state members of the Republican National Committee. These people don’t have a choice to go or not, as they have required duties at the convention and must be there.

    ConservativeGranny #4581

    I wonder how much each of those Trump protesters got paid to be there?

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