Comey: Trump 'close' to being an unindicted co-conspirator

Source: Washington Examiner | December 9, 2018 | Naomi Lim

President Trump is “close” to being an unindicted co-conspirator in Robert Mueller’s investigation of former Trump’s former lawyer, according to fired FBI Director James Comey.

“Not in the formal sense that he’s been named in an indictment,” Comey said during a New York City event hosted by MSNBC. “But if he’s not there, he’s certainly close given the language in the filing that the crimes were committed at his direction.”

Comey’s comment came after Trump last week referred to in a sentencing memo filed by New York federal prosecutors in relation to Michael Cohen, Trump’s former fixer.


Comey added Sunday that if Trump weren’t president, he would be exposed legally. “That person would be in serious jeopardy of being charged because the government wouldn’t make that sponsoring allegation if they weren’t seriously contemplating going forward with criminal charges,” he said. “Where it stands here I can’t say.”


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  •  EVERYDAY #26796

    With all due respect to Comey — actually I’m not a fan of his — but I think I’ve heard enough of experts, pundits and celebrities opining on whether Trump will be charged and if so, with what. No one really knows just what Mueller and the other prosecutors have determined in their investigations. Bad enough we have to hear or read Trump boasting that he’s off the hook. Don’t need everyone else weighing in.

    I can imagine though that if Trump is not charged, he will be even more insufferable in his victory lap than he already is.

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