Conservative female student group accused by peers of damaging women’s rights

Source: The College Fix | 3 Feb 16 | College Fix Staff

A group of female college students at American University that touts conservative values has come under fire by some peers who accuse the Network of enlightened Women of advancing “white feminism” and brainwashing peers into accepting inequality, among other accusations.

The malicious Facebook comments against the group came as the NeW chapter at American University prepares to host a speech on “conservative feminism” Feb. 8 by Sabrina Schaeffer, executive director of Independent Women’s Forum.

Chapter members advertised the event as “a conservative take on feminism,” a speech expected to delve into topics such as the wage gap and gender politics on college campuses.

But the event prompted backlash on social medial from several American University students who accused the planned speech and NeW itself of hurting women’s causes.

In Facebook screenshots obtained by The College Fix, one commenter, a male student, said the term “conservative feminism” is “oxymoronic.” A female student added: “When I hear ‘conservative feminism’ I think ‘white feminism’ – empowerment when it’s convenient and ignoring POC [people of color], plus the added horror of supporting those who trample on reproductive rights.”

A third female student also shared NeW’s Facebook page with peers, stating: “Recently having heard about this new group on campus, the ‘Network of Enlightened Women.’ Not sure how this conservative group is ‘enlightening’ women.”

“… Sure NeW, you can ‘enlighten’ me through your ‘Gentlemen Showcase’ or tell me abortion as a right is unnecessary, but I will just call this group out for what it really is – telling women to be content with inequality and be brainwashed into thinking conservatism is empowering.”

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  • ConstitutionalConservative #666

    It is good to see college kids who are conservative engaging in the battle, we need them so very much if we are going to restore our Republic as Cruz is want to do.

    EVERYDAY #669

    Why I wouldn’t send my kids to college now. So many are infested with socialists and communists.

    Not every problem in the world stems from racism or sexism, as these malcontents define those terms.

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