Cows lost at sea during Hurricane Dorian found alive in North Carolina

Source: The Hill | November 13, 2019 | Rebecca Klar

Three cows that were swept away during September’s Hurricane Dorian have reportedly been found roaming a national park on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. 

The cows were living on Cedar Island at the time of the storm, and got displaced after a “mini tsunami” hit the island on Sept. 6, killing much of the island’s wildlife including 28 wild horses, according to The Charlotte Observer

But the three cows survived the hurricane, reemerging at Cape Lookout National Seashore, a spokesman for the park told the newspaper. 

The first cow was spotted about a month after the storm and the other two revealed themselves in the past two weeks, spokesman B.G. Horvat told The New York Times


“Ever since they found each other, they have been hanging out together,” he said. “They are just grazing on the North Core Island.”

Park officials are reportedly hoping to find the owner of the cows. The owner will have 30 days once contacted to come up with a plan to relocate them, the Times reported.

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