Cruz camp: Trump's GOP stock will collapse like Enron on second ballot

Source: Politico | May 2, 2016 | Nick Gass

Once Republicans reach the party convention in Cleveland, the party will begin to sell off Donald Trump, a top spokesman for Ted Cruz’s campaign said Monday.

While acknowledging that Trump and Cruz “will receive every single delegate that they’re entitled to on the first ballot at the convention,” national spokesman Ron Nehring predicted that Trump would not reach the 1,237 necessary to clinch the nomination on the first ballot.

“On second ballot, it’s going to be up to Ted Cruz to put together a majority of the delegates, and I believe that after the first ballot you will see the biggest run of on Donald Trump stock since Enron,” Nehring said in an interview with Fox News. “And people will abandon him like crazy because they will recognize that, what people already recognize: If Donald Trump is nominee, this party is headed to wipeout of biblical proportions. Republican activists who are volunteers and delegates don’t want to see that happen.”


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  • Consistent #5623

    Reggie Dunlop #5625

    Hopefully it gets to the 2nd ballot.

    ConstitutionalConservative #5626

    If it gets to the convention, As You Were, when it gets to the convention Cruz will take it on the second ballot, by the time it becomes impossible for Trump get 1237 (hopefully very soon) then Cruz will intensify working the delegates as he already has been doing he will just need to wrap up loose ends YES it will all be over on the second ballot, I do believe that.

    When it becomes obvious Trump will fail to reach 1237 he will continue promoting chaos and confusion about the process and in concert with his media minions no doubt encourage riots in Cleveland. It will be so because when trump loses all the progressive liberal democrat socialists and there media cohorts will lose with him. They have already started the chaos they will double and triple down from trumps failure to reach 1237 on to the convention, look for that immediately after Cruz takes Indiana.

    Maybe Trump will not show up at the convention as a form of protest thereby further instigating a riotous convention. Anything is possible with this A$$Clown.

    CA Surveyor #5635

    Prayerfully, it gets to the second ballot!

    Victoria #5637

    I am worried Cruz won’t win Indiana tomorrow. I am worried Trump WILL reach 1,237 before the convention.

    I am home from the trip we had to make to north of Houston and son is back home safely to London.
    It takes a good four hours not stopping to get to Conroe. They have had so much rain, remember over 1,000 homes in Houston flooded several days ago, people are still evacuated and there was a thunderstorm while we were there. That storm went east and it is the one that caused tornadoes and much damage and some deaths in the states to the east. How humid was it down there? You popped out in sweat when you stepped outside.

    Son and I had to do some work in the small garden in back of my townhouse and we were dripping from sweat. Took a shower when we got back to our hotel rooms.

    I tried to keep up with what was happening on this board, the news you guys were posting, while I was gone.
    There is no place like home.

    I am going to be on pins and needles tomorrow about Indiana. i am totally ticked off with Mike Huckabee. Fox has hired him to be a commentator and he is now on numerous Fox shows, dumping on Cruz. He is backing Trump and I figure he wants a job from him. We listened to Fox on Serius radio in the car as we traveled and I was ready to stop the radio when Huckabee was on one program after another, telling absolute lies about Cruz. We had a conservative candidate and now so called conservatives have dumped him for no morals, no nothing, Trump. I would never vote for this fake. I could not post this on TOS. I read on there today and there are only a few who are Cruz people and when they post something, they get warned to stop that or be banned. Appears to me the money is slow to come in. I saw a $500 donation from Florida and i would bet that is from the Trump location in Florida. I don’t think I have seen a $500 donation since I joined there.

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    EVERYDAY #5640

    Welcome home Victoria.

    I’m praying that Ted Cruz will somehow win the nomination, but I am prepared for a Trump nomination and his gloating, insufferable minions. I have decided not to fret. Whatever happens, happens.

    Should Trump win the nomination, I will not vote for hm in November. I fully expect he will lose to Hillary but if he should win, I will delight in the wailing and gnashing of teeth when his supporters realize they have been lied to.

    liberty #5645

    I too hope that Cruz wins on the 2nd ballot. If Trump wins, I hope he is smart enough to pick a good conservative VP. If that happens, then I will finally believe that he isn’t just a spoiler for the democrats. I will wait until the nomination to decide how I will vote in the general.

    mostlyhomebound #5650

    When I was young, Harry Hughes ran for governor of Maryland. This was at a time when pro-lifers were still a force in Maryland. Hughes, a total pro-abort, chose a prominent, adamantly pro-life Catholic to balance his ticket. Once Hughes was elected, with a lot of pro-life Catholics, Hughes froze out his own Lt. Gov, window dressing that he was. Hughes ruled the state with a heavy pro-abort hand, making no compromises. Moral: don’t be fooled when a liberal feints right. It’s all a lie.

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