Cruz Campaign Announces Formation of Religious Liberty Advisory Council: …

Source: The Blaze | February 29, 2016 | Chris Enloe

Cruz Campaign Announces Formation of Religious Liberty Advisory Council: ‘It Is Time for Our Liberties to Be Respected in Washington’

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign announced the formation of a “Religious Liberty Advisory Council” Monday afternoon, intended to guide the Texas senator’s policies to protect religious liberty and “reverse the unprecedented attacks on freedom.”

In a statement to reporters, the campaign said the council will be made up of 19 people, all who have a record of protecting religious liberty.

“Religious liberty is the first freedom guaranteed to Americans under the Constitution, and ensuring the protection of that right has been a priority my entire adult life,” Cruz said in the statement. “Increasingly, renegade government officials seek to coerce people of faith either to act in a manner that violates their faith or forfeit their career. When I am elected president, that will change. It is time for our liberties to be respected in Washington.”


Some of the notable names on the advisory council include Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and the Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson.


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    Thank you, Consistent! I did not see this. I’ve been watching some Ted videos. I guess I needed to be cheered up!

    Praying for tomorrow! I think I will fast though breakfast then eat later. I work a 12.5 hour shift (RN @ a prison in No FL) and I will need to eat something during the day. I am too old to fast and work the whole day. It’s a 1 hr drive each way, so I am gone 14.5 hours. I’ll get back as the polls are closing in some states. Working will keep my mind off the results, since you know nothing for hours afterwards sometimes.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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