Cruz Campaign Bets On New Hampshire Ground Game To Beat Expectations

Source: Daily Caller | February 7, 2016 | Kerry Picket

MANCHESTER—The Ted Cruz campaign is optimistic that it will shake up expectations on New Hampshire’s primary Tuesday.

The Real Clear polling average for the New Hampshire GOP primary shows Cruz in third place with 12 percent, while Marco Rubio is in second and has 16 percent. Trump leads the pack with 30.7 percent.

Former New Hampshire Republican Sen. Bob Smith, a Cruz campaign ally, expressed full confidence about the campaign’s ground game overcoming present poll expectations.

“I’m not knocking polls. They were wrong in my case in 1996, when they said that I lost. I think what we’ve been doing is knocking on doors,” Smith told The Daily Caller. “We’ve been ID’ing voters who are leaners, people who are not sure, and we’ve been knocking on thousands and thousands of doors for literally months and I’ll tell you it feels good out there.”

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  • Consistent #667

    Sen. Smith lauded the door knocking operation the Cruz campaign put together in the Granite State.

    “I feel very confident based on the ground game—the resources we have, the money we have. We have one of our supporters who has knocked on 5,000 doors and he’s from the Meredith area and he’s a rock star in our organization,” Smith said.

    Victoria #689

    I sincerely hope Cruz’s ground game, the best I have ever known about, works in New Hampshire as it did in Iowa. I will be on pins and needles Tuesday, waiting for election results.

    silver pines #718
    silver pines #719

    Whoops, sorry, forgot the title. That should be:

    “With Second Place In Sight, Cruz Has Big Push in N.H.”

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