Cruz Campaign Ended Race in Healthy Financial Shape

Source: Texas Tribune | May 20, 2016 | Patrick Svitek

As the end neared for Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, one problem it did not have was money, according to its latest finance report.

The disclosure, filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission, shows Cruz’s campaign had more than $9 million in the bank as of April 30, three days before he dropped out of the race for the White House. The report also reveals Cruz’s campaign raised $10.9 million in April and spent $10.3 million.

Taken together, the numbers point to a campaign that was not financially struggling in its final weeks. The report accounting for the last three days of the campaign, May 1-3, will be available a month from now.

Cruz’s nearly $11 million haul in April brings his total fundraising to $90million, well over the $50 million goal his team had set for the primary. His campaign ended up spending $80.6 million overall.


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