Cruz Campaign Raises More Than $12.5 Million in Month of March

Source: Cruz News | April 8, 2016 |

HOUSTON, Texas – On the heels of an overwhelming victory in the Wisconsin primary, the Cruz campaign announced today raising more than $12.5 million in the month of March, making it the highest amount raised in one month during the entirety of the campaign. The campaign had almost 240,000 donations with an average donation of $52. To date the total number of dollars raised is more than $78 million with more than 450,00 donors.

“This is yet another sign that conservatives are coalescing behind our campaign,” said Cruz. “The path to victory in the nomination and winning the general election is by standing up for hardworking men and women of America who have been left behind by Washington. I am confident in this campaign’s ability to bring together all factions of the Republican Party, as we continue to unite Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and Americans who care about our future.”


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    Personally I find it comforting that my contributions are not wasted. Cruz is a most excellent steward of the money people give; very faithful to spend it wisely. On an earlier thread it was noted Trump got 1.9 billion worth of free media coverage compared to Cruz getting 313 million worth just a small fraction comparatively yet look where he is in this race, I find it all too incredible, miraculous really.

    Admittedly I use to complain about Cruz’s wardrobe he needed to buy some new suits ones that actually fit and didn’t look like they came from a thrift store, obviously he did that but I suspect he felt a tinge of guilt about it and I get that it is in his character to be thrift-wise and prospicient; I feel good about it, he looks sharp in new clothes. All the other candidates just kept spending until it was mostly all gone with Jeb taking the prize foolishly blowing over a hundred million in just a few months.

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