Cruz comes out on top in GOP town hall

Source: CNN | February 18, 2016 | Raul A. Reyes


But Ted Cruz had the best night.

His presentation combined elements of religious preaching and his experience as an attorney, and it was certainly effective.

He spoke with confidence, even when making outrageously false statements (“We are one liberal Supreme Court Justice” away from the Supreme Court ordering “veterans’ memorials to be torn down.”) To the many undecided voters in South Carolina, Cruz no doubt projected strength and a command of the issues. So much so that nobody mentioned how his shutting down the government cost the country an estimated $24 billion.

Cruz gave a good explanation of why, despite being born in Canada, he is still eligible to run for president (although it should be noted that this is, of course, his own interpretation of the Constitution, and one not shared by all legal scholars).

And Cruz went unchallenged when, discussing the possibility of President Barack Obama nominating a Supreme Court justice to replace Antonin Scalia, he referred to Obama being in a “lame duck period.”


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