Cruz for President Announces County Chairs for All 95 Tennessee Counties…

Source: Cruz News | February 2, 2016 |
HOUSTON, Texas – Presidential candidate Ted Cruz today announced the expansion of his Tennessee Leadership Team, with the addition of former U.S. Congressman David Davis, nine state legislators, and county chairs for all 95 Tennessee counties.
“People are waking up all across this country and coalescing around our campaign,” said Cruz. “We are building a grassroots army all across the state of Tennessee and I am honored to have the support of so many courageous conservatives. With leaders in all of Tennessee’s 95 counties we are positioned to be very competitive on Super Tuesday.”
Congressman Davis and the legislators join the previously announced legislators as State Co-Chairs. The Cruz campaign continues to lead all Republican candidates with the most legislative endorsements in Tennessee, totaling 18, and is the first campaign to have organized each county in the state.
New Legislative Endorsements:
Sen. Janice Bowling, 16th District
Sen. Mark Green, 22nd District
Sen. Joey Hensley, 28th District
Sen. Frank Niceley, 8th District
Sen. Jim Tracy, 14th District
Rep. Tilman Goins, 10th District
Rep. Ron Lollar, 99th District
Rep. Billy Spivey, 92nd District
Rep. Rick Womick, 34th District
Previously Announced Legislative Endorsements:
Rep. Sheila Butt, 64th District
Rep. Kelly Keisling, 38th District
Rep. Judd Matheny, 47th District
Rep. Jay Reedy, 74th District
Rep. Courtney Rogers, 45th District
Rep. Jerry Sexton, 35th District
Rep. Mike Sparks, 49th District
Rep. Micah Van Huss, 6th District
Rep. Jason Zachary, 14th District
Former Rep. Joe Carr
County Chairs:
Walter Lounsbery, Anderson County
Richard Miller, Bedford County
Benjamin Thompson, Benton County
Suzanne Sapp, Bledsoe County
Jim Vesper, Blount County
Stephen Sapp, Bradley County
Cynthia Beheler, Campbell County
Matthew Studd and Greg Johnson, Cannon County
Sean Norman, Carroll County
Phil Hauser, Carter County
Mary Dabrowiak, Cheatham County
Neil Stidolph and Bob Pung, Chester County
Raymond Caylor, Claiborne County
John Davis, Clay County
Claire Crouch and Rob Mathis, Cocke County
Maureen Burke, Coffee County
Walter Yearwood, Crockett County
Trish Moore, Cumberland County
Karen Moore and Aaron Snodderly, Davidson County
Ronald Bennett, Decatur County
Carole Heffner and Jamie Johnson, DeKalb County
Brian Williams, Dickson County
John Uitendaal, Dyer County
Tommy Perkins, Fayette County
David Crowe, Fentress County
Jack and Deborah Daniel, Franklin County
Suzanne Wehner, Gibson County
Allen Barrett, Giles County
Gary Wensell, Grainger County
Caoline Fike, Greene County
Katherina Kacic, Grundy County
Melissa Bohanan, Hamblen County
Mark West and Craig McGarvey, Hamilton County
Bob Johnson, Hancock County
Roger Clifton, Hardeman County
Donnie Damron, Hardin County
Robert Childress, Hawkins County
Jerry Hollingsworth, Haywood County
Bob Hunt, Henderson County
Denton Jordan, Henry County
Bill Dockery, Hickman County
Tim Settles, Houston County
Penny Chastain, Humphreys County
Bruce Argo, Jackson County
James McCarter, Jefferson County
Gary Marsh, Johnson County
Hope Foulds and Craig Reasor, Knox County
Steve Parks, Lake County
Rick Barton and Howard Lowrance, Lauderdale County
Daniel Haislip, Lawrence County
Paula Aulton, Lewis County
Dr. Theresa Morrison, Lincoln County
Bob and Ginny Miles, Loudon County
David Brewington, Macon County
Richard Archie and Lucy Overstreet, Madison County
Ben and Nancy Perry, Marion County
Patricia McIntyre, Marshall County
Bob Crigger, Maury County
Lee Watkins and Bill Crawford, McMinn County
Crystal Russom, McNairy County
Martha Henson, Meigs County
Michael Orr, Monroe County
Tommy Vallejos, Montgomery County
David Baldovin, Moore County
Don Edwards, Morgan County
John Miles, Obion County
Jackson Carter, Overton County
Darryl Westbrooks, Perry County
Chris Thompson, Pickett County
Michaele Ann Swiderski, Polk County
Connie Bellamy, Putnam County
Kris Bancroft and Andrew Cunnyngham, Rhea County
Judy Cooley and Jerry Sheffield, Roane County
Tony Douglas, Robertson County
Katherine Hudgins and Edward Phillips, Rutherford County
Paul Phillips, Scott County
Mary Ann McLeod, Sequatchie County
Richard Jinnette, Sevier County
Lynn Moss and Mick Wright, Shelby County
Karen Sexton, Smith County
Kyle Mallory, Stewart County
Patty Kinkead and Shara Bledsoe, Sullivan County
Frank Gorgie and Timothy Johnson, Sumner County
Adam Lindsey, Tipton County
Jeffrey Fortson, Trousdale County
Kevin Saulnier, Unicoi County
Dan and Linda Rieg, Union County
Justin McCulley, Van Buren County
Kevin Burden, Warren County
Kim Dahlgren, Washington County
June McDonald, Wayne County
Alex Joyner, Weakley County
Howard Joseph McEachron, White County
Julie West, Williamson County
Jennifer Rushing, Wilson County
Previously Announced State Leadership Team Members:
Kevin Kookogey, State Chair
Stephen Siao, State Director
Steve Gill, former Host of The Steve Gill Show
Dana Gill, Williamson County
Tina Benkiser, Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committeewoman, former Republican Party of Texas Chairman
Lynne Davis, Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committeewoman
Chris Thompson, former Mayor of Byrdstown
John Uitendaal, Dyer County Legislative Body Chairman
Rob Mathis, Cocke County Trustee
Reggie Howard, Fayette County Commissioner
Richard Daniel, Pickett County Executive
Josh Stites, former Nashville Metro Councilman
Ben Cunningham, President of the Nashville Tea Party
Myra Simons, Board President of the Yes on 1 Campaign
Julie West, President of Parents for Truth in Education
Lyndon Allen, Pastor of Woodmont Bible Church
Mark West, President of the Chattanooga Tea Party
Tommy Vallejos, Montgomery County Commissioner, Pastor
Ben Graham, Pastor of Music City Baptist Church
David Baker, Pastor of the Family Baptist Church
Dale Walker, Pastor of McCormick Ridge Holiness Church
Kevin Burden, Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church
Rob Bremer, retired Pastor, past Chairman of the Sevier County Tea Party
Phil Hauser, Assistant Pastor, Fellowship Community Church
Roger Burks, Treasurer/Secretary of the Tennessee Pastors Network
Paul Grant, Ruling Elder, Faith Presbyterian Church
Sharon Strange, past President of Republican Women of Williamson County
Dr. Aaron Margulies, President of the Republican Jewish Coalition of Knoxville
David Baldovin, former Chairman, Moore County Republican Party
Lynn Moss, Co-Founder and Board Member, Mid-South Tea Party
Janice Johnson, former Legislative Director of the Tennessee Christian Coalition
Laurie Cardoza-Moore, President of Proclaiming Justice To the Nations
Richard Archie, West Tennessee Director of the Tennessee Firearms Association, Chairman of the 8th District Tea Party Coalition
Lana Smith, past President of the Sullivan County Republican Women
Edward Phillips, former Campaign Manager for Rep. Mark Pody and Rep. Joe Carr
Kevin Baigert, Sumner County
Laura Baigert, Sumner County
Lucy Overstreet, Leader of the Madison County Tea Party
Claire Crouch, past President of the Tennessee Federation of Republican Women
Ed Smith, former Davidson County District 34 Republican Chairman
Craig Reasor, former Field Director for Rep. Jason Zachary
Judson Phillips, Founder of Tea Party Nation and Columnist for the Washington Times
Bob Miles, Executive Board Member of the Cross County Patriots Tea Party
Greg Johnson, former Vice President and Treasurer of the 912 Project Tennessee
Aaron Snodderly, former State Chairman of Tennessee Young Republican Federation and Chairman of the Cumberland County Republican Party
Mel Canterbury, Chairman of the Sevier County Tea Party
Michaele Ann Swiderski, Polk County
William Swiderski, Polk County
Bryan Baskin, former Middle Tennessee Volunteer Coordinator for Santorum for President
Theresa West, Chair of the Knoxville Tea Party
Debbie Deaver, Board Member, Republican Women of Williamson County
Walter Lounsbery, past President of the Anderson County Tea Party Patriots
Penny Chastain, Humphreys County
Andrew Anderson, former Campaign Manager for Rep. Bryan Terry and Rep. Joe Carr
Matthew Studd, Chapter Leader of the Tennessee Firearms Association
James Amundsen, Williamson County
Charlie Cato, former Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committeeman
Bob Crigger, Maury County
Kim Dahlgren, past President of the Washington County Republican Women
Dr. Lee Douglas, Founder of 912 Project Tennessee
Karen Entz, former Vice Treasurer for the Williamson County Republican Party
Hope Foulds, Knox County
Michelle Garcia, Rutherford County
Frank Gorgie, Political Science Professor
Grant Hubbard, Vice President for National Promotion at Capitol CMG
Katherine Hudgins, former Vice President of the 912 Project Tennessee
Kyle Mallory, former Chairman of the Stewart County Republican Party
John Miles, Chairman of the Union City Planning Commission and Chairman of the Obion County Tea Party
Steve Osborn, past Chairman of the Sevier County Tea Party
Rob Thacker, Pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church
Jim Vesper, former Newt Gingrich County Coordinator
Mick Wright, former President of the Northeast Shelby Republican Club
Michael Zinser, President of the Zinser Law Firm, P.C.

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  • Consistent #344

    Full Title: Cruz for President Announces County Chairs for All 95 Tennessee Counties and Nine Legislative Endorsements

    ConstitutionalConservative #373

    In other forums the following comment might be ignored by many because it is too long a read yet still commented upon without being read.

    The Tennessee numbers are astounding for this stage in the race.

    This is how Cruz wins he already has organizations in every state these are people who are are willing and want to work, they understand the seriousness of the situation our Republic is in. Those people who show up at Trump rallies are not all voters they come to see a magic act where on the one hand the magician speaks the magic words ( the distraction) while on the hand he attempts to pull a rabbit out of a hat (the illusion), while so-called Trump supporters will go out of their way to be entertained they won’t hit the neighborhood streets or work in call centers and most won’t vote, but they will stand in a line in freezing weather to see a superstar entertainer and Trump is that, I recently read he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame he must have paid big bucks for that.

    Now the act Trump is presenting might work as it has before with obama, he earned the label of the Magic Negro likewise Trump could be called the Magic Caucasian or Magic Cracker, with obama no one knew anything about him so his act was new, fresh and different his magic words of distraction and the illusion worked. The phenomenon of the Trump act is we no everything about him and his words are a contradiction but it does not matter, what does matter is his celebrity as our culture is bent towards being terminally entertained. (I make this magic man analogy often this is the short version)

    Case in point, I recently posted on another forum about why Cruz would be the best president based upon a lifetime of tested conservative principles and values, the responses I got from so-called conservatives were a variety of comments like this: Cruz is a good guy I “LIKE” him and would vote for him “BUT” he cannot get elected because he is not “LIKEABLE” that is the effect of Trumps contradictions and his charismatic celebrity, people willingly toss out facts, common sense, reason and logic for the entertaining illusion that is Trump.

    Trumps entrance into this race has been very beneficial I can credit him that he brought attention and enthusiasm to the most pressing issues of the day but they are not what is most important. There will always be pressing issues, what is important is the restoration of our Constitution Republic, our constitution is past just being ignored it is being destroyed as the founding fathers said it would be if we the people were not vigilant to KEEP IT. By all indications Trump knows little about the constitution he never even mentions it other than to say he supports the second amendment, and I am willing to bet he doesn’t know the amendment is there so we the people can defend ourselves from a dictatorial government and have the power to depose such government, it is more than hunting and defending against criminal elements the founders took those things as inherently granted no need for specific mention.

    Despite all that I am confident that in the end Cruz will win as he tirelessly works to demonstrate he is the real deal and we the people need to snap out of the fantasy world that has been constructed by the enemies of our Republic before the weakly constructed stage props of the current surreal fantasy government crashes and crushes everyone beneath it.

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