Cruz for President Announces Montana Leadership Team

Source: Cruz News | April 23, 2016 |

State Rep. Daniel Zolnikov and Former State GOP Chairman
Will Deschamps to serve as Cruz Co-Chairs in the Treasure State

HOUSTON, Texas – Today, Ted Cruz continued building a strong, national organization by announcing his Montana Leadership Team, consisting of some of the state’s top conservatives. Montana State Representative Daniel Zolnikov and former Montana Republican Party Chairman Will Deschamps will serve as Co-Chairmen for the statewide campaign, while Mary Beveridge will serve as the Cruz Campaign Coordinator.

“I am thrilled to announce such an outstanding group of courageous conservatives leading our campaign in Montana,” said Cruz. “Our campaign has been widely successful throughout the Mountain West and Big Sky regions, with decisive wins in Utah, Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming. Now, with a strong team leading our campaign in Montana, I am confident that conservatives will continue to unite behind our campaign.”

“Republicans across America continue to unite behind Ted Cruz and his message of freedom and fiscal stability,” said Representative Daniel Zolnikov. “Here in Montana, our Constitutional rights and liberties are under assault from an unprecedented overreach by the federal government. Ted has been fighting to protect our Constitution throughout his career. I hope all Republicans in Montana join me in supporting the only principled and consistent conservative running for President – Ted Cruz.”

“There is no stronger leader for our nation and for the State of Montana than Ted Cruz, and we are honored to be part of his team,” said Will Deschamps. “The voters of Montana need a President who understands our values and our culture, and who will fight to protect our Constitutional freedoms. We look forward to helping Ted Cruz win Montana’s primary on June 7th.”

Montana Cruz Leadership Team Members:

Austin Knudsen, Montana Speaker of the House
Matt Rosendale, Montana State Senate Majority Leader
Alan Doane, Montana House Majority Whip
Cary Smith, Montana Senate Majority Whip
Kris Hansen, Montana State Senator
Nancy Ballance, Montana State Representative
Seth Berglee, Montana State Representative
Tom Burnett, Montana State Representative
Brad Tschida, Montana State Representative
Matthew Monforton, Montana State Representative
Dale Mortensen, Montana State Representative
Theresa Manzella, Montana State Representative
Sarah Laszloffy, Montana State Representative
Kirk Bushman, Public Service Commissioner
Betsey Hedrick, Glendive County Commissioner
Ken Miller, Former Montana State Senator
Peggy Miller, Montana Businesswoman
Clancy Kenck, Missoula County Precinct Leader
Dan Happel, Agenda 21 Speaker


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