Cruz for President Launches New TV Ad in Wisconsin

Source: Cruz News | March 31, 2016 |

HOUSTON, Texas – Today, the Cruz for President campaign launched a new TV ad in Wisconsin, featuring Governor Scott Walker. Governor Walker endorsed Ted Cruz on Tuesday saying Cruz, “is the best-positioned candidate to both win the Republican nomination and defeat Hillary Clinton.” In the ad, Gov. Walker discusses why he’s supporting Cruz for President and urges fellow Republicans to join him in voting for Cruz in Wisconsin’s primary on Tuesday, April 5.

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Scott Walker: Jobs. Freedom. Security.

That’s what’s at stake, and that’s why I’m supporting Ted Cruz for President.

Ted is a Constitutional conservative. He’ll challenge the status quo, just like we’ve done in Wisconsin.

And Ted has a real plan to grow jobs and restore opportunity.

On Tuesday, please join me in supporting Ted Cruz – the only conservative who can beat Hillary Clinton and reignite America’s promise.

Ted Cruz: I’m Ted Cruz, and I approve this message.


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