Cruz for President Launches New Video “Common Sense”

Source: Cruz News | April 22, 2016 |

HOUSTON, Texas – The Cruz for President campaign today released a new web video focusing on the firing of Curt Schilling to call attention to Donald Trump’s complete caving to the “PC Police.” Trump’s acceptance of grown men using girls’ restrooms is further evidence that “Republican Donald” is just an act, as admitted by his own campaign, and it shows that Trump won’t push back against the politically correct leftist elite on this or any other issue.

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Common Sense

VOICEOVER: Curt Schilling was fired by the PC Police for suggesting that grown men shouldn’t use the bathroom with little girls.

VO: Guess who’s joined the ranks of the PC police?

TRUMP: People go they use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate.

VO: Donald Trump can’t be trusted with common sense why would we trust him in the White House?


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