Cruz for President Releases Ad Featuring Hillary Clinton’s War Room Discussing..

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Cruz for President Releases Ad Featuring Hillary Clinton’s War Room Discussing Donald Trump’s Weaknesses

HOUSTON, Texas – Today, the Cruz for President campaign launched a new web ad, “War Room.” The ad looks inside the Hillary Clinton war room as they discuss Donald Trump’s electability weaknesses and conclude that Ted Cruz is the best option to stop a Hillary Clinton White House.

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War Room
TV 2:32

HUMA: What do you have for me?

ELAN: Mrs. Clinton… “Madam Secretary” the plan is coming together. Donald Trump is paving the way for you to win the White House.

HUMA: What’s our next move?

LEN: Our oppo-file on Trump is ready to go. When our friends in the media release this stuff, he’s toast.

ELAN: Silencing dissenters with lawsuits. Taking people’s property. And a long list of failed businesses.

DOUG: He plays fast and loose with the facts and he’s only concerned with himself.

ELAN: He isn’t trusted either and he has the second-highest disapproval ratings of anybody running for president.

HUMA: Who has the highest?

ELAN: Trump’s comments on abortion have angered pro-lifers and the pro-choice crowd.

DOUG: So he’s a uniter on abortion?

LEN: He doesn’t think things through. Not with abortion and not with his taxes. Our friends at the IRS say his returns are full of bombshells. Now, he claims to be a billionaire, but takes tax credits for people that make less than half a million a year.

JOHN: Speaking of bombshells, Trump wants to stabilize the Korean peninsula by giving Japan and South Korea nuclear weapons.

HUMA: Scary.

ELAN: Our research shows that most people actually think he is scary.

DOUG: And he wants to break apart NATO and the UN, and turn our troops into rent-a-cops.

HUMA: Where did he study foreign policy? Trump University?

LEN: The point is, if Trump becomes the Republican nominee, the White House is yours.

HUMA: What do you mean, “if”?

ELAN: Our latest polling indicates Americans want a president they can trust, someone who isn’t a …

DOUG: … a liar.

JOHN: Someone who respects the Constitution and the rights it protects.

ELAN: Someone who has a proven track record of taking on the Washington establishment.

LEN: America wants a real leader.

HUMA: Right, get to the point. Who are we talking about here? How do we stop Ted Cruz? How do we stop Ted Cruz?

LEN: I don’t think we can.


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