Cruz has More Cash on Hand than the RNC

Source: Conservative Review | February 03, 2016 | CR Wire

One of the key metrics on the strength of a campaign is how well their fundraising, and allocation of resources are going. In that measure Ted Cruz’s campaign is on fire.  According to FEC reports, for the most recent filing period, Ted Cruz had more cash on hand than the Republican National Committee. 

For the period ending on December 31, 2015 Cruz reported having $18,734,794.46 cash on hand.  For the same end date the Republican National Committee had $18,723,782 on hand.  Cruz had about $11,000 more in his war chest than the RNC.   It shows a particular strength for his campaign.  

Part of the cash on hand equation is how well a campaign has managed their resources.  The ratio of money spent to money raised is know as a campaign’s burn rate.  Going into the heat of the primary season, Cruz’s burn rate is the lowest of all candidates.  He has spent just 60.6% of what he has raised.


Cash on Hand (12/31/2015)

Ted Cruz $18,734,794.46
Marco Rubio $10,398,592.91
Jeb Bush $7,589,858.03
Donald Trump $6,964,324.88
Ben Carson $6,567,647.25
Carly Fiorina $4,484,307.21
John Kasich $2,537,300.60
Chris Christie $1,126,158.09
Rick Santorum $42,919.79
Jim Gilmore $33,657.52

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