Cruz in Utah: Best friend Mike Lee ‘would look good’ on the Supreme Court

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune | MAR 19, 2016 | LEE DAVIDSON

Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz told Utahns on Saturday that the biggest danger America faces is career politicians who no longer listen — and he relishes battling them for the people.

“The biggest divide we have today in politics is between career politicians in Washington — in both parties — and the American people,” he said. “Our freedom is at stake. Our nation is dangling in the balance.”

Cruz said he has been ridiculed and attacked by such politicians for fighting “Obamacare” and defending the Constitution, but he — and his friend Utah Sen. Mike Lee — are “holding Washington accountable.”

He even hinted that he might consider Lee as a Supreme Court nominee if he is elected president. And Cruz said he is the only remaining who can beat both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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  • Woodcutter #2892

    I didn't know they were called "Utahns…"

    I saw some of the videos of Cruz's multiple rallys in Utah, and the "Utahns" were really revved up!

    Consistent #2893

    slhancock1948 #2901

    Mike Lee is another great conservative. So glad that we do have a good handful that have decided that they work for the people first!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Consistent #2908

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