Cruz Laughs at‘Trumper-tantrum,’ Says Trump ‘Can’t Debate the Substance’

Source: National Review | February 3, 2016 | Brendan Bordelon
At a press conference before a meeting with voters in Goffstown, New Hampshire, the new frontrunner in the Republican race pulled no punches. “It is no surprise that Donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum – or if you like, another Trumpertantrum,” Cruz said. “It seems his reaction to everything is to throw a fit, and I understand that Donald finds it very hard to lose. But at the end of the day, the people of Iowa spoke.”
“There’s a reason that Donald engages in insult after insult – because he can’t debate the substance,” Cruz continued. “He doesn’t actually want to talk about issues.”
The Texas senator wasn’t done. “Donald’s insults get more and more hysterical the more and more upset he gets,” Cruz said. “I think they’re very funny. I wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing Donald has tweeted.” He questioned Trump’s temperament for the job of commander-in-chief, saying “we’re liable to wake up one day and Donald, as president, will have nuked Denmark.”
“You know, my girls are five and seven,” Cruz said. “And I got tell you, Caroline and Catherine are better behaved than a presidential candidate who insults people every day.” The line drew cheers and huge applause from the assembled New Hampshirites waiting to meet him.
Asked whether Cruz planned to fire the staffers accused of misleading Iowa caucus-goers, the senator demurred. “This is not a campaign that scapegoats our staffers, that holds someone out and fires them for political purposes,” he told a reporter. “And I would not that the news story we passed on was true and accurate . . . is it a dirty trick to pass on your news stories?”
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  • Consistent #425

    Trumpertantrum, LOL!

    ConstitutionalConservative #430

    I can hear the media now twisting, turning, spinning… Cruz says Trump will drop a Nuclear Weapon on Denmark!
    It was sarcasm, satire, a joke, tongue in cheek…

    Four Media Talking Heads on a Panel
    Talking Head 1… Do you think he really meant it

    Talking Head 2… I don’t know Cruz touts himself as a serious man

    Talking Head 3… Well Trump did say he was a maniac and he was serious

    Talking Head 4… Cruz supporters better take another look at Cruz, don’t know exactly what but there is something wrong there.

    Well that’s all we have time for Good Night Folks

    FinFlyer #445

    Yeah … but remember the media is only the media. Most of its consumers hold it in about the same contempt as folks here. The spin makes it look like “everybody” feels this way. The truth is that most people look at it and roll their eyes. The only “everybody” presented is limited to the mindset of MSM folks, a tiny minority of real people.

    They can spin it all they want — it’s to a smaller crowd than they think.

    FinFlyer #446

    What a great link!! The comments had me laughing so hard — some really, really great ones. My favorite:

    “Cruz laughs at your Donald Trump. He laughs from his mountain! That’s Cruz, strong on his mountain.”

    Sure, it’s a line from Conan the Barbarian and for all I know, it was made in sarcasm (though I doubt it, as the bulk of commenters are clearly pro-Cruz), but dang, it was funny!!!

    I am liking this forum, thank you!!!!!!!

    Scarlett_Says #453

    This #TrumperTantrum has blown-up on Twitter!! Lots of good press out of it as well.

    Most agree that today was a VER BAD day for old Trump.

    By the way, tweets I made the first week of January with #TrumpTantrum (slight difference than what Cruz said) are being retweeted tonight. The Twitter trend is in our favor.

    Thanks for the free media, Donald!

    FReeper formerly known as Brothers4thID

    FinFlyer #455

    That’s great! It should be as bad a day for Sarah Palin. Great googly moogly, how the great have fallen all across the spectrum of “conservatives.” It’s been an eye-opener, at the least! If Trump gets more than the boot, I’ll be surprised. I fear that Rubio will be the sole benefactor.

    I have to say the comments at the National Review site are heartening!

    FinFlyer #456

    Wait a minute — I mean that Rubio will be the sole person to benefit from all of this. Trump is going to take himself down, I expect (and will have shattered trust among conservative allies), and if so, Palin will go down with him.

    The only person this helps is Rubio, sadly. Then we’re back to square one. Voting “against” leftism by voting for a leftist who isn’t as bad, then complaining bitterly when we get what we vote for. I’m done with that after 30-plus years, and I think a lot of other conservatives are, too.

    Cruz is the only guy on the menu worth voting for.

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