Cruz on the O'Reilly Show Last Night. (Phone interview)

Source: Politibrew | 4.2.2016 | Brew

4-2-16 9:43 AM EST: This is a phone interview, but is better than a radio interview as they show lots of good Cruz film footage in this while he’s speaking.


In the early portion of this, the serial liar, pot calling the truth-teller black, Donald Trump, is shown calling Ted a liar, with repetition…of course that’s just one more lie from Donald the Actual Liar.

I’m not saying Trump invented bearing false witness, he’s just trying to hone it to an ugly “art”. Perhaps after he loses to Cruz he can write a new book called something like, The Art of the False Witness. Few things bother me more than the bearing of false witness, and whether or not you’ve ever been on the receiving end of that sin, perhaps you feel the same.

This is a good interview/speech from Ted Cruz, and I like how he swats away Trump like the gadfly he is.


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  • slhancock1948 #3646

    He takes questions about DT continuous “Lyin Ted” remarks. You know, there should be a way for someone to bring slander charges against Trump. He has stated that he wants to weaken libel laws so he can go after people who’ve “told the truth” about him, but he doesn’t like the content of the messages.

    If anybody has reason to sue for libel, it would be Ted. He has stood amidst a barrage of unfair, outright lies and is still standing…because as he said MONTHS ago, we have to put on the whole armor of God and then STAND. He is still standing, all praise be to God! Trump, who will not even acknowledge God’s existence will not be standing when this is over.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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