Cruz on Trump: ‘His entire campaign is built on a lie’

Source: The Hill | March 21, 2016 | Jesse Byrnes

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Ted Cruz ratcheted up his rhetoric against Donald Trump on Monday, suggesting his Republican presidential rival’s “entire campaign is built on a lie” amid similarly harsh rhetoric from the businessman.

“Every time Donald gets scared, he begins lashing out, he begins attacking, he begins insulting, he begins yelling, often he begins cursing,” Cruz said during an interview with Wolf Blitzer aired Monday evening on CNN. “I will say this: Donald’s campaign, his entire campaign is built on a lie.”

Cruz went on to acknowledge that many of those supporting Trump see him as a political outsider, but argued, “If you’re fed up with Washington, with the corruption of Washington, then it doesn’t make any sense to support Donald Trump, who has been enmeshed in the corruption of Washington.

“The lie behind Donald’s campaign is that he will stand up to Washington. He is the system,” Cruz continued. “Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are flip sides of the same coin: Donald Trump has made billions buying influence in Washington, Hillary Clinton has made millions selling influence in Washington.”


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    I hope Cruz gets more and more opportunities to say this! Sooner or later the truth will sink in.

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