Cruz Pivots to General: 'Hillary, Get Ready'

Source: Weekly Standard | April 5, 2016 | Michael Warren

Ted Cruz’s speech in Wisconsin Tuesday night—one of the best of his presidential campaign—only briefly mentioned his top rival for the GOP nomination, Donald Trump. Instead, the Texas Republican, reinvigorated by a series of recent primary wins capped off by the double-digit victory in Wisconsin, had his eye toward the general election and his likely opponent, Hillary Clinton.

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“Tonight was a bad night for Hillary Clinton,” he said, noting her loss in Wisconsin to Bernie Sanders. “It was a bad night in the Democratic primary, and it was an even worse night for her in the Republican primary.”


“Tonight, Wisconsin has lit a candle, guiding the way to the future,” Cruz continued. “Tonight, once again, we have hope for the future.”


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    “Hillary, get ready,” Cruz said at the end of his speech. “Here we come.”

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