Cruz promises to end 'war on coal'

Source: Washington Examiner | April 22, 2016 | Ryan Lovelace

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz promised to end the Obama administration’s “war on coal” as president, while on the trail in Pennsylvania.

Cruz’s Pennsylvania-specific pitch included a focus on undoing Obama administration regulations on the energy industry. The senator argued that Obama’s promise to bankrupt coal plants “may well be the only campaign promise he’s come close to keeping.”

“The ‘war on coal’ is destroying jobs in Pennsylvania and all across the country,” Cruz said in Williamsport. “The war on coal is wrong. It is immoral for American citizens, American families to have their federal government trying to drive them out of business. And if I am elected president, the war on coal will end, the so-called Clean Power Plan will be rescinded.”

Cruz said his presidency would bring “thousands of thousands of thousands of new jobs in coal,” and pledged to bring higher wages for workers while also driving the cost of electricity down.


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