Cruz Scores Weekend Delegates While Trump Falters in Tennessee

Source: Conservative Review | April 3, 2016 | Robert Eno

First Ballot binding and actual support from delegates are two completely different things.  Donald Trump recently learned that the hard way in Louisiana, where Cruz added to his delegate totals. This weekend, more of the same played out as Cruz won a bevy of his supporters as actual delegates to the Cleveland convention on both the first ballot, and as bound votes for other candidates.   This is while Trump faced roadblocks in Tennessee.


Cruz won first ballot delegates in Colorado this weekend.   Two of Colorado’s seven congressional districts held their conventions yesterday.  Cruz won the six delegates from those conventions, who pledged to the senator prior to the elections.  There are five more district caucuses and the state convention left to go. 

The precinct caucuses that selected delegate to each County Assembly was March 1, 2016.  The County Assemblies met between March 1st and March 26th to select delegates to the district and state conventions.  Cruz’s early strategy in those states has led to this early result. It is too late for Trump and Kasich to correct course.  Nineteen delegates are needed for a majority in the Colorado delegation.

North Carolina

In North Carolina, Donald Trump won 30 bound delegates at the primary, and Ted Cruz won 27.  That is for the first ballot, where delegates are officially bound.  District Conventions were held in four of the state’s thirteen congressional districts last weekend.   A grassroots activist in North Carolina provided Conservative Review with the results of those districts.  Nine of the 12 delegates elected yesterday are definitely Cruz supporters and have worked to elect Cruz for a significant period of time.  Two others identified themselves as Cruz supporters at the convention so that 11 of the 12 are Cruz supporters. 

The State Party appoints 30 of the 72 delegates in North Carolina.  Three additional delegates are the party chairman and the two National Committee members.  The party chairman is a grassroots conservative, who is facing ouster.  It is therefore important, for the rules committee, that Cruz supporters win 37 of the 39 remaining delegates to control who is on the rules committee from North Carolina.


Donald Trump faced a delegate setback in Tennessee this weekend as the State Party elected delegates that were not approved by the Trump Campaign.  Politico reported:



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  • Consistent #3720

    rodamala #3734

    I picture a cartoon of Cruz sitting down calmly at a chess table and across from him is mouthbreather Trump in a rage, kicking the table over, all of Ted’s white chess pieces flying, as Trump screams, “KING ME! KING ME! KING ME, OR I WILL SUE YOU!”

    ConstitutionalConservative #3748

    Cruz is a strategist he knows what he is doing and the Trump campaign who were supposed to be the best and brightest (Trump constantly claims he knows the smartest people) but not so much.

    All this will drive Trump from crazy to insane throwing more trumpertantrums as he perceives like a child who can’t stand to lose that he is being treated unfairly. You can bet more personal insults and false accusations towards Cruz will abound as that is all they have, but that is getting old especially for those who have not yet drank all their Kool-Aid, I am sure there are many who are beginning to regret their support for Trump, I think these delegates are reflecting that.

    mostlyhomebound #3764

    Regarding trumpites who regret their association with the public nuisance, Jim Geraghty at NRO says we’re not going to “hug it out.” His view is to tie their trumpism around their necks like the Titanic. Any thoughts on that?

    ConservativeGranny #3774

    I’ve read two opposing viewpoints. The other is that we should welcome converts without shaming them as we want to win them over with the truth and facts.

    I can see both sides of this. People generally hate “I told you so”. However, after the election I have no problem taking them to task for what happened and if Trump, God forbid, wins this I will be the first one telling them that whatever happens from that day forward is entirely on them. Personally, I will have a problem forgetting, forgiving or ever trusting the judgement of these people again. Some people have burned their bridges as far as I’m concerned.

    ConstitutionalConservative #3780

    Mostlyhomebound, I can understand having regrets but time is running out if they are going to have regrets now is the time to realize it. All I can say is that for me I have no love for those who claim to be constitutional conservatives yet are so easily fooled and willing disregard all that is good for the restoration of our Republic.

    I get it for those who are average Republican voters that really have no clue what has been and is being done to them by the establishment, those who pay no attention until they get attention during election cycles, yeah we can hug it out, they are just ignorant, but those who are of the FR variety and claim to be politically astute conservatives yet abandon all principles and values for some phony thrill of celebrity, no not so much.

    At FR they are even defending his constantly changing positions on abortion how much lower can they go, we could very well lose our Republic because of their foolishness, yeah treason is a hanging offense not a hugging offense. Trump is no conservative not in slightest, if he wins it will be as bad if not worse than a Hillary win.

    All that said it is really a moot point CRUZ will be the next President of The United States.

    mostlyhomebound #3797

    I’m of two minds. Toward public figures, my view is to read them out of the party. Scum like hannity and coulter should be deported along with the illegals.

    Rank-and-file morons, I’m not so sure.

    Victoria #3799

    I watch Hannity every night and he is fair and nice to each candidate. That is planned by him to give them air time to explain their opinions. That is what he does and won’t get in a debate with them about those opinions. I wonder sometimes how he keeps a straight face when Trump is on his show and says outlandish babble. I have heard him interview all candidates and he does not favor any one of them over the rest.

    Ann Coulter is different. She makes her living by being outrageous so people will buy her latest book – I pay no attention to her.

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