Cruz slams Georgia governor's religious liberty veto

Source: Washington Examiner | March 28, 2016 | Ryan Lovelace

Ted Cruz criticized Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal’s decision to veto a bill that attracted controversy from gay marriage proponents.


Asked to respond on the campaign trail, Cruz panned the sitting Republican governor’s veto.

“I thought that was very disappointing to see Gov. Deal of Georgia side with leftist activists and side against religious liberty,” Cruz said. “It used to be, political parties, we would argue about marginal tax rates and you could have disagreements about what the level of taxation should be. But on religious liberty, on protecting the rights of every American to practice, live according to our faith, live according to our conscience, we all came together. That ought to be a bipartisan commitment and I was disappointed not to see Gov. Deal not defend religious liberty.”


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    We live (barely) in GA. I was upset over this. We were thrilled the legislature brought this bill forward. I hope they over-ride the veto, honestly! But, for the record, this (we have come to realize) is not a deeply red state! It is a purple state. It leans red much of the time, but it is not really a conservative red state…just proportionally more republican than democrat. There’s a difference!

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