Cruz taking the week off from Senate

Source: Politico | May 17, 2016 | Burgess Everett

Ted Cruz is taking some time off from the Senate to recover from a brutal presidential campaign.

After returning to Washington last week to work on a defense policy bill, the Texas senator is spending this week back home. He’ll miss votes on Zika funding legislation as well as appropriations bills.

“After several months of a nonstop schedule, Sen. Cruz is taking some downtime this week with Heidi and the girls. He looks forward to returning to the Senate next week,” said Phil Novack, a spokesman for Cruz.


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    And the Trumpsters are complaining that the Senator missed some “important” votes. I believe 2 of the votes were to confirm Obama nominees.

    I suppose the Trumpsters are still taking orders from Trump or Roger Stone. Have to find some whine to blame on the Senator and post it all over the internet. Hey, it’s raining out my window this morning. Perhaps I should blame that on Ted Cruz too.


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