CRUZ: Today we Celebrate the Courage of Ronald Reagan

Source: Cruz News | February 6, 2016 |

Commemorates Ronald Reagan’s 105th Birthday

HOUSTON, Texas – Today presidential candidate Ted Cruz released the following statement in honor of Ronald Reagan’s 105th birthday:

“On Ronald Reagan’s 105th birthday, we celebrate a leader who inspired Americans to once again believe in America’s promise. In the late 1970s, the economy lagged, people faced soaring prices, and Communism was on the march around the world. Ronald Reagan invited our nation to once again believe in the Divine gift of human freedom and to not simply “contain communism” but “transcend it.” Because of Reagan’s vision and resolve, the Iron Curtain became the ash heap of history. Freedom again overcame the stronghold that sought to extinguish it. As it always will.

“The world is more free and prosperous because of President Reagan’s courage to speak the truth and defy the norms of Washington. And today, as I join my fellow Republican candidates on the debate stage in New Hampshire, we are reminded of when then presidential candidate Ronald Reagan came to New Hampshire 36 years ago. He was the underdog despised by the Washington establishment and dismissed by the media. He was thought to be 15 to 20 points behind, but the people in the Granite State propelled him into first place and against all odds he went on to win the nomination. Right now, we face a similar time for choosing, and if we once again unite to stand courageously for freedom, prosperity, and security, we can once again ignite the promise of America.”


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