Cruz Took 6 Big Swings at Trump Yesterday

Source: NEWSER | 4 Feb 16 | Arden Dier

(Newser) – Ted Cruz claims Donald Trump’s “reaction to everything is to throw a fit, to engage in insults.” On Wednesday, however, the insults were coming mainly from Cruz himself. Six biggies:

  1. At a town hall in New Hampshire, Cruz managed to turn nearly every answer into a critique of his rival. “Donald told us every day for a year he was going to win Iowa, win it big, win it ‘yuuuuuge,'” he said, per Politico. “I don’t think people are interested in temper tantrums, or you could call it a ‘Trumpertantrum.'”
  2. Earlier Wednesday, Cruz said his young daughters “are better behaved” than Trump …
  3. … who might suddenly get angry and “nuke Denmark” if elected president, per NBC News.
  1. When a town-hall audience member asked about Sarah Palin accusing the Cruz campaign of “dirty tricks,” echoing similar words from Trump, Cruz responded: “If you spend too much time with Donald Trump, strange things happen to people.”
  2. When protesters interrupted Cruz as he spoke about the “pseudo-science” behind climate change, he said it seemed “these children attended the Donald Trump-style school of debate.”
  3. And when he was asked about an undisclosed loan he received while running for Senate, Cruz said that “Heidi and I did something that is very novel and unfamiliar to Donald: We paid it back.” He then suggested Trump might owe “billions of dollars.”
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  • ConstitutionalConservative #488

    Make no mistake Cruz is an amiable guy but if you keep pushing him into a fight he will kick butt and beat his opponent severally about the head and shoulder, he does it all with smile.

    I noticed when Cruz was speaking on the Senate floor about the foolishness of some Bills he tortured his fellow congressman with very subtle forms of sarcasm that invades their sensitive emotions, if you listen closely you will discover he is an artist at sarcasm as was Reagan, and in all seriousness Cruz he is a funny guy.

    ConservativeGranny #489

    Sounds to me like he may be trying to goad Trump into imploding.

    ConstitutionalConservative #496

    I think you are exactly right, Trump has bullied the media and some other candidates they are afraid of him. Cruz is not afraid, his fighting back against the trumpertantrums will serve him well and maybe encourage the rest to do likewise. Trump has been standing on a very weak perch and Cruz is more than capable of kicking that perch out from under him. Standing toe to toe Trump is failing against Cruz, it will take some time yet but Trumps knees are beginning to wobble.

    slhancock1948 #527

    Let’s pray it works! LOL!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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