Cruz Triumphant

Source: National Review | March 4, 2016 | David French

Tonight was the night when I could clearly see Ted Cruz as President of the United States. He made the right moral judgment — dealing with Donald Trump was far more important than jockeying for position with Marco Rubio or John Kasich. He made the case against Trump in the right way — he was civil even as he eviscerated Trump again and again. And he connected with the audience not just with his command of the facts, but also by making his case in an effective, human way. When he asked the audience how many had been waiters or waitresses, I had to smile. Both my wife and I spent more than our fair share of time bringing ice tea to thirsty customers, and the notion that waiting tables — even for a season – is a job Americans won’t do is absurd.

But I can’t praise Cruz without also praising Marco Rubio. Their nonaggression pact was clear. It is an extraordinarily difficult thing for political rivals to choose not to attack each other, but both Rubio and Cruz made the right decision. They both kept their eye on the ball, and in so doing kept hope alive in the quest to save the conservative movement and stop Trump.


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Finally, there is much more to be said about this, but words cannot express the contempt I felt for Trump’s insistence that the military would follow his unlawful orders to murder women and children……

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