Cruz: 'Unleash holy wrath' of U.S. against terrorists

Source: Washington Examiner | February 16, 2016 | Ryan Lovelace

Following a speech unveiling his proposals to build up the military, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz used heated rhetoric to describe his desire for how the United States should defeat its top adversaries.

“When radical Islamic terrorists wage jihad on the United States of America, the answer is not to tweet insults at them,” Cruz told a crowd in Columbia, S.C. “The answer instead is to unleash the holy wrath of the United States.”

Cruz argued that a nuclear Iran poses the biggest threat to the United States and added that the best way to prevent an enemy’s attack is to display a strong resolve that will guide others not to mess with America.

Cruz’s rhetoric about the ‘holy wrath of the United States’ mirrors other comments he has made in recent days that represent a call to arms for Christian voters to turn out for his campaign in South Carolina. In an interview with The Brody File on Monday, Cruz encouraged Christians to vote their ‘biblical values,’ rather than let non-believers run roughshod over the nation’s governance.




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