Cruz will make us great again

Source: Myrtle Beach Online | February 15, 2016 | Eva Long

Only God can make America great again. Greatness is a matter of character, not cash. The heart of the problem in America is immorality in addition to the character of this nation.

The continuation of the slaughter of unborn children in the guise of abortion along with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage are only two of the worst elements in the decline of this nation. America will never be great again if these two blights are allowed to continue and will eventually guarantee imminent failure no matter who is president.

Calling for or expecting God to make America great again while we practice immorality on this level is making fools of all of us. We as a people have allowed the liberal, un-Godly, anti-Christian and filthy immoral practices to take root under the color of change and law in our nation.

If elected, Ted Cruz will be a prayer warrior in the Oval Office seeking God for wisdom in decision-making and direction for this country. He will surround himself with men and women of character, intellect, and integrity to help transition this nation out of the horrendous destruction of the last eight years of Obama.

It is my belief that God has raised Cruz up for such a time as this. I believe that with God’s help, Ted Cruz can make America great again. It is rare to find a politician who has full knowledge of biblical principles and doctrine. Ted Cruz is that man. It is just as hard to find a preacher of the gospel who is highly informed about every aspect of politics. Ted Cruz is an offering of God of a humble man founded on the Rock, Jesus Christ, and not the affluence of fame and fortune.


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    Ted Cruz can be trusted to keep his promises.

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