Cruz Working Hard to Sway North Dakota's Unbound Delegates

Source: Conservative Review | March 29, 2016 | Chris Pandolfo

The North Dakota Republican state convention is meeting this weekend to assign delegates to the Republican National Convention, and Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign is working to make sure those delegates support him at the convention in July.

North Dakota Republicans do not hold a primary election or a caucus to assign delegates to presidential candidates.  Instead, delegates are chosen at the state convention and head to the national convention unbound, free to support any candidate for the nomination that they wish. The Cruz campaign is working overtime to ensure those unpledged delegates vote for him at the national convention.


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  • Consistent #3387

    North Dakota, choose wisely!

    Victoria #3407

    I hope he gets them all in N. Dakota, and every other free delegate in all states. Trump can yell “Unfair!, i will sue you!” as much as he wants.

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