Cruz’s appearance on Fallon charmed both left and right

Source: RedState | April 15, 2016 | Brandon Morse

The viral video going around of Cruz having a phone conversation with Jimmy Fallon playing Donald Trump has hit the front page of every major news site, including this one. It’s one of the few times you actually get to see a lighter side to Ted Cruz, who often gets complains about coming off as a used car salesman turned preacher.

As it turns out, his skit even caused me to breath air out of my nose faster than normal. It was a good few minutes spent, but apparently I’m not the only one who thinks that.

Going over the responses to it from last night, it turns out that a good majority of people were loving Cruz’s appearance on the late night talk show, and not just Republicans. Turns out, he even charmed some on the left.


I was honestly surprised by how positive the reaction was, as usually people take the opportunity to trash conservative candidates whenever they manage to land a little spotlight time. Cruz seemed relaxed, and funny, and apparently it spoke to people enough that the negative tweets were fewer.

Republicans were overwhelmingly positive, and I’m personally glad to see the right show up to take part in the culture, especially when its so rare.

How this appearance will affect Cruz remains to be seen, but if his appearance on Fallon has helped him at all, it could be another thorn in the side of Trump, who is already feeling some sting since he’s polling below 50 statewide in New York. 

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