Cruz’s Indignation Is Justified: Trump Has Scraped New Lows

Source: National Review | March 28, 2016 | The Editors

Just when it seemed that the Republican presidential race couldn’t get any less edifying, Donald Trump went after Heidi Cruz and the National Enquirer entered the fray.

The latest flap began when an anti-Trump super PAC used a nude photo from a Melania Trump modeling shoot in an ad meant to warn Utah voters off making her first lady. The ad was tasteless (and unnecessary in a state that Ted Cruz was about to win with nearly 70 percent of the vote). Trump would have been justified in strongly objecting to it. Instead, he falsely insisted that Ted Cruz was behind the ad and, true to his bullying style, threatened to reveal damaging information about Heidi Cruz. This alone would have marked a new low — has a presidential candidate ever threatened a rival’s spouse before? — but Trump followed it up with a re-tweet of an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz juxtaposed with a flattering image of his wife. So Trump had immediately scraped an even lower low.

Such is Trump’s boundless capacity to make everything he touches in this race reek of the gutter…..


Cruz vehemently denied the National Enquirer report with the righteous indignation of a man who can’t believe that this is what the presidential race has come to.

But Republicans should get used to it. There will, at the very least, be weeks more of this. And if Trump is its nominee, the GOP will be associated with swinish politics all the way to Election Day, if not beyond.


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