Cruz’s Wonkish CNBC Economy Interview; Only Adult in the Race

Source: RedState | April 15, 2016 | apkyletexas

Cruz just had a very interesting hour-long interview on CNBC this morning with Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Andrew Ross Sorkin on the Squawkbox financial program. The CNBC gang hit Cruz with everything from Japanese and German basis points, to negative global interest rates, to bank bailout policies, tax reform, economic effects of climate change proposals, opposition to various kinds of VAT taxing, instability of commodity prices, Fed monetary policy, etc.


Cruz just absolutely kills this interview, and spends the entire hour talking off the cuff about numbers and financial and monetary policy, and the exact devices to get the economy to rebound. This is a much more in-depth discussion than the stump speech snippets we’ve all heard many times.


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  • Consistent #4552
    ConservativeGranny #4553

    Trump could never do something like this. All he does is whine, brag and throw out platitudes and talking points that someone fed him.

    You will never learn anything new or interesting from listening to Donald Trump.

    mostlyhomebound #4556

    The most substantive, informed interview I’ve ever seen of a politician.

    ConservativeGranny #4558

    It was a “must see” interview. Very rare these days. Compare it to those useless debates. I’d much rather see candidates in this type of format or in round table discussions. Those debates were a joke and useless to anyone seeking more substantial than boxing-ring entertainment.

    Victoria #4561

    I watched Cruz tonight on a one hour town hall with Hannity in a New York town, and it was like the CNBC one. Total detail on difficult government problems. It was not a canned speech. I felt like voting again and over and over. It was simply grand. As you said, Trump could never do that.

    It is so hard to believe we are likely to have a sicko like Trump when such a brilliant, knowledgeable Cruz is available. I feel sick when I think we are going to get Trump, a mentally crippled fake.

    Let me offer this explanation: I have given thousands of individual IQ tests. Fifty percent of the country has an IQ between 90-110. Twenty five percent has an IQ of less than 20-89. Twenty five percent has an IQ of 111-140+. I estimate the IQ on this forum to be between 111-140+. What that means is the people here are smarter than 75% of other people. That means only 25 people out of a 100 is as smart as you are. Said another way, only 25 people out of 100 understand what you are talking about. Can you see now why Trump is ahead? You understand, can readily see, discern, why Cruz should be president. Those of lesser IQ cannot understand that – they are being sucked in by Trump’s money and his mouth which says nothing of substance. That is just the way it is.

    mostlyhomebound #4566

    Victoria, what you discuss is why my older son is a little iffy on democracy.

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