Deace: If Rubio is Telling the Truth, These People Are Lying

Source: Conservative Review | February 16, 2016 | Steve Deace

Regarding his record on immigration/amnesty, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio is asserting some things that simply aren’t reconcilable with numerous other eye witness accounts of what went down during the infamous “Gang of Eight” battle in 2013 and its (ongoing) aftermath.

This is far bigger than simply a disagreement between Rubio and his presidential rival, Ted Cruz, in the heat of a competitive race. No campaign is immune from telling the political equivalent of fish stories to some extent. But what Rubio is asserting as truth goes far beyond a partly sunny versus mostly cloudy debate. By crafting an alternative reality on his own record, Rubio has run afoul of much more than a competitor.

Rubio is literally calling some of the most respected names in conservativism liars. Here’s a sample of the people who must be lying for Rubio to be telling the truth.

On Rubio’s claim that Cruz’s ‘poison pill’ amendment to his ‘Gang of Eight’ amnesty bill really indicated Cruz was for amnesty, too:


So to recap, Rubio has now implicitly called the following four people liars:

  • Rush Limbaugh, the Godfather of conservative media.
  • Phyllis Schlafly, the grand dame of the conservative movement.
  • Mike Lee, the only U.S. Senator with a perfect 100% liberty score here at Conservative Review.
  • Jeff Sessions, almost universally recognized as the staunchest advocate for national sovereignty in the U.S. Senate.


In conclusion, allow me to throw one more person into this conversation for good measure, albeit one of far inferior stature to the aforementioned quartet — me.

On Monday, Rubio incredulously said his “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill was “never meant to become law.” Except that’s not the way he made it sound to me back in 2013, when he called me on the phone to lobby me directly to support his amnesty legislation.

At least Jeb Bush has the integrity to stand up there in these debates and own positions he knows are unpopular. I have more respect for that than the dissembling we’re currently witnessing from Rubio.

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