Dear Rubio & Kasich…

Source: Soshable | 6 March, 2016 | JD Rucker

It’s hard for me to claim that I’m not a straight-ticket Republican considering that the last time I supported a Democrat was David Boren in the early 90s. However, there are a handful of occasions when I abstained from voting. If the GOP nominee comes as a result of a brokered convention that supersedes the will of the voters, I will be abstaining.

I’m a #NeverTrump guy, so there’s a chance I may abstain, anyway. However, as much as I do not want Trump to be the nominee, I would never support the nomination of someone who is propelled by anything other than the vote of the people. That seems to be the plan in the Republican Establishment’s camp as they decide which of their two remaining candidates have the best chance at the convention. It may come down to which one, if either, can pull out a victory in their home state.

Neither of you have a path to the nomination that doesn’t include a brokered convention or the strangely convenient deaths of the two frontrunners. If you’re not going to call for double homicides, then you’re pushing for a brokered (aka stolen) convention. That is not acceptable. It’s not American. It will do nothing but destroy the party and hurt the country. If you choose to go down this path, you will be directly responsible for willful acts of destruction to the Constitution and the GOP.

At this point, there seems to be only three possible motivations to stay in the race:

  • A Stolen Convention: You will lose the general election and you will destroy the party in the process if you are able to scheme your way to the nomination. If that’s your motivation for staying in, then you do not believe in the right of the people to select our leaders in a Democratic fashion as guaranteed for this Republic by the Constitution.
  • You Support Donald Trump: If you’ve cut a backroom deal with Trump to block Ted Cruz by staying in, then you’re even worse off ethically than had you pushed for the brokered convention.
  • Working a Deal with Ted Cruz: This is the only acceptable motivation for not suspending at this point, not because I’m a Ted Cruz supporter but because it’s honorable. Parlaying your position in the race to earn a spot in a Cruz administration is an unfortunate part of politics but it’s a proper use of your positioning and something that is done all the time (looking at you, Chris Christie and Jeff Sessions). We’ll know within the next two weeks if this is reality.

In case anyone is wondering why working a deal with Trump is different from working a deal with Cruz, it’s because the Trump deal would be a smokescreen to divide the party by keeping the anti-Trump vote diluted while


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  • slhancock1948 #2216

    Agreed! It is time we really did it. The elites think that we will hold our nose and vote their choice just because. Well, not this time.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    silver pines #2220

    I’m all for a Cruz/Rubio ticket, and it seems if Marco had any sense he would grab it; what else is he going to do after the primaries are over? He’s done in the Senate.

    However, I don’t think he will go for it, because now I see that he’s winning Puerto Rico in a landslide (23 delegates, I think). That will be enough to fuel his ego and his delusion and keep him in the race, thereby assuring a Trump win.

    God help us.

    Victoria #2227

    SiIver Pines, I just posted the following on another thread. An election may not happen if North Korea fires nuclear bombs.

    “I just read that North Korea said today they will fire their nuclear warheads at South Korea (and we have over 1,000 military there), US military stations they can reach in that part of the world, and send them to our country (they can reach the west coast), IF THE US AND SOUTH KOREA START THEIR MILITARY EXERCISE. That is supposed to start very soon, in days. I read several days ago North Korea has armed those nuclear missiles and have them ready to fire. I thought that was bad, but today’s news is absolutely serious. They do not value life and would not think twice about it to kill us.

    If they hit our country, there will be devastation on the west coast and I would bet Obama would use that to stop the November election – martial law.”

    silver pines #2232

    Victoria, wouldn’t that be a tailor made scenario for Obama. He wouldn’t give a rip what happened to the country as long as he could stay in office.

    We need to pray.

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