Dear Ted Cruz – Thank You

Source: Conservative Review | May 6, 2016 | Brian Darling

As two liberty-minded conservatives, we want to thank you for your contributions during this presidential race. Though we were sad to see you withdraw your candidacy, your campaign has provided us with renewed hope for the conservative movement. Your involvement in this campaign provided optimism for conservatives all over the country who are still fighting for their principles. We want to highlight just a few areas where we think you’ve enhanced the conservative dialogue and made Constitutional principles a fundamental touchstone of the national debate.

A Reasonable and Realistic Foreign Policy


In fact, the foreign policy platform of all final GOP candidates was more pragmatic than it has been in years. Hawkish, neoconservative candidates, like Senator Lindsey Graham, received almost no support, while you ended up as the most serious contender with 565 delegates.


In the end, the foreign policy you espoused took a considerably different approach than what was offered by both George W. Bush and Barack Obama. We believe our party is better for it.

A Steadfast Belief in Smaller Government


Conservatives demanded a candidate that promoted a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, debated the dangers of unelected bureaucrats implementing costly regulations, and requested an audit of the Federal Reserve — and you delivered.

More so, you were the only top-tier candidate that ran on a Constitutional platform. America is now devoid of a true Constitutionalist candidate; a candidate that understands the privilege of being commander-in-chief, and the Constitutional burdens that come with it. Your expertise as a Constitutional scholar was refreshing.

Proving Conservatives Can Win

Most importantly, you were a candidate that was not anointed, nor hand-picked by the Republican establishment. Current members of Congress often dismissed and belittled you; those members often pointed to the speech you made, challenging Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on his veracity regarding the Export-Import bank.


The establishment would like you to think that you lost because you alienated elite Washington politicians, when in fact, the opposite is true. You did so well because you enraged the Rubin’s and Mitch McConnell’s of the world, who have an interest in promoting establishment ideas. They promised this would sink you. Instead, you beat them all:

Thank you Senator Ted Cruz for running for President. Thank you for proving that the conservative movement was and is worth fighting for.

Keep your chin up and walk into that Senate chamber next week knowing that you fought a great fight and you need to double down on fighting the Washington Cartel. The conservative movement is optimistic — and we will continue to stand with you.

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