Dear Trumpkins, There's No Way for Real Cruz Conservatives to SupportDonaldTrump

Source: PJ Media | May 8, 2016 | Michael van der Galien

I honestly don’t understand Ted Cruz supporters who are now endorsing Donald Trump. Trump represents everything Cruz is against, and he’s against everything Cruz is for. He’s for the minimum wage. He’s for letting transgender men use toilets with little girls. He’s against the Second Amendment; he’s against life. He’s a vulgar narcissist who has turned sinning into an art and who proudly boasts he has never asked God for forgiveness. He’s a lifelong donor to radical leftists like Hillary Clinton. And behind closed doors he admits that his plan to build a wall is a fantasy that he doesn’t intend to follow through on.

Real Cruz supporters can’t possibly support Trump. What we can do, however, is continue to stand for Cruz’s (and our) principles: the conservative principles that have made America and every other Western country great.

Conservatism isn’t just one election cycle, it’s a cause. A cause conservatives before us have served for years, hundreds of years even, and a cause our children and grandchildren will fight for in the decades ahead.



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    CA Surveyor #5900

    Trump is a nuclear missile aimed at the Constitution.

    Victoria #5910

    I cannot possibly vote for Trump who is in opposition to everything I believe. These people, including the Trumpcult, who say not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary, are fruitcakes who are not conservative, they only want to win even if the winner, according to my opinion, has a mental disorder, likely several mental disorders.

    A delusion has come over the Trump supporters.

    Consistent #5935
    rgintn #5985

    absolutely. Now lyin trump is admitting his deals will help Democrats. trumpkins said he is such a great deal maker he’ll get everything he wants.

    rgintn #6194

    my goal now is to get Constitutional Conservatives elected to Congress who will restrain liberal excesses. That means getting rid of the lightweight Republicans in the leadership.
    When hillary or lyin trump goes hard left they need to be reigned in by new leadership in Congress willing to put restraints on them

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