Debunking Anti-Cruz Myths

Source: Trevor Loudon's New Zeal Blog | 11 Feb. 2016 | Renee Nal

There are quite a few rumors floating around in social media about Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz.

Americans are used to the mainstream media lying about Ted Cruz (see herehere & here for just some examples.) But it is particularly painful when the lies come from supposed truth-tellers. The largest culprits starting and perpetuating anti-Cruz falsehoods are sundance of the Conservative Treehouse and Dianne Marshall of the Marshall Report. They blatantly lie, or tell cherry-picked half truths, which are promptly disseminated in social media by an army of bullies who are seemingly not interested in civil debate.

Why create false stories if the candidate is so bad?

The clearly coordinated effort is particularly disturbing because: 1.) it frankly smashes conventional wisdom that ad hominem baseless attacks are the tool of the left – not the principled right, and 2.) the social media bullies may serve to intimidate people from posting positive stories or opinions about Ted Cruz.

Here are some of the most persistent lies, myths and rumors about Ted Cruz:

FAKE!! Ted Cruz stole the Iowa Caucus

The charge is that the members of the Ted Cruz campaign lied about fellow presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson in order to steal his votes. The truth is that CNN’s Chris Moody, using “two [unnamed] sources, on the record” from Carson’s campaign gave the distinct impression, along with CNN correspondents Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, that Carson was taking a break from campaigning.

Ted Cruz’s people used the information which came out as a “BREAKING” news story right before the caucus. The information was readily available to anyone who had a mobile phone at the Caucus, i.e., everyone. Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and yes, Donald Trump supporters ALL used this information.

Ted Cruz is the only one to apologize, but CNN should apologize publicly to Ted Cruz.


The article is quite long with a lot of videos….well worth the time. 

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  • slhancock1948 #893

    Sundance was particularly rabid towards me, posting articles on Cruz, and his remarks had been even more vicious at Conservative Treehouse, which I quickly abandoned. I even commented once for JR’s sake that I was offended that he was allowing Sundance to pollute/make the forum toxic for any Cruz supporters and that I really believed that even though Sundance professed to be a Christian, he took offense at Cruz’s Christianity. Then that got attacks that he was some far out extremist cult guy.

    I know I got under Sundance’s skin because I refuted everything he put out on Cruz….then he’d post another falsehood and I’d refute it. I finally quit reading anything political and emailed Jim that I was taking a break from FR.

    Sundance’s real name is Mark Bradman. Mark Levin looked him up and called him out publicly. He’s from Cape Coral, FL, a store manager that exposed a witness in the Treyvon Martin trial. He seems to be some kind of a nut job because he gets obsessed with stuff (he has no business being involved in).

    JR even posted that Sundance was a great guy and a good friend of his. This was BEFORE Cruz announced his candidacy and I had posted something else from Conservative Treehouse.

    This makes me even more upset that JR allowed all this. My husband found this article on FR, but linked from Trevor Loudon’s blog. That’s where I went to read it…listen to the videos…Of course, the Trump groupies will not read it or believe it.

    For all the talk of fraud, it seems that it is orchestrated against Cruz, and not instigated by Cruz.

    After reading, it takes a while to calm down, get your head back on right, and figure out how to pray.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    rodamala #899

    In a sane world, anytime GPH posts Mark Bradman’s spew on FR, humblegunner would remain vigilant and be right there to scream “BLOGPIMP!” and the thread would be moderated back to the ether.

    ConstitutionalConservative #901

    Thank you slhancock1948 this is a quite valuable resource, of course there are many more myths about Cruz that could be revealed like these two myths, he supports TPA and TPP.

    TPA – is a mechanism for the President to Fast Track trade deals it doesn’t mean he can implement any deal he makes, whatever deal he wants to make it still has to be approved by congress it just means the deal will be Fast Tracked through congress in other words congress would have to bring the deal up to the top of their agenda, no delays. TPA has been around for 70 years every president has had it since. When the Bill came up again this time it had references to amnesty and the EX IM Bank, McConnell assured everyone they would be allowed to subject the Bill to the Amendment process where Cruz wanted to strip those things from the Bill, McConnell lied and the Bill went forward as is, Cruz voted against it. (that’s the short of TPA, there is much more complexities and details to it)

    TPP – everyone has heard it said Cruz is for this Bill in fact it has been repeated many times that he voted for it, no one as yet has voted for TPP it has been in committee for years and was just recently released for 60 day review, I don’t know off the top of my head when the Bill will be brought forward but we are very close to the end of 60 days. The Bill is thousands of pages Cruz will vote against it, the Bill is a bad deal, but be assured the republicans will pass it as they give obama everything he wants. (that is short of TPP, there is much more complexities and details to it as well)

    The congress is suppose to weigh the constitutionality of Bills to ensure they will withstand challenge in SCOTUS (another corrupt branch, don’t get me started on how they are complicit in all the corruption) but they have put in place Senate, House and Committee rules that give them the mechanism to bypass the constitution, you see it is the process that has been so corrupted by corrupt congressman that Bills that are unconstitutional easily get passed. They deliberately write Bills so convoluted with so many extraneous details that confound and confuse the issue nobody really knows what’s in them when in reality almost every Bill need not be more than 3 or 4 pages at the most (I have heard Cruz say this), the corruption lay squarely within the process.

    Cruz understand all this so well he will use his power as president (the bully pulpit) to appeal to the people to fix the corruption, like Reagan Cruz knows it is people who have the real power they just need to be educated to that fact.

    slhancock1948 #930

    Yes, I’m sure within a week there’ll be just as many to add to this list…LOL…but Cruz keeps his Christian demeanor, a very important trait, and hopefully people will see that under duress he stands tall and chooses the high road, encouraging others to stay the course with him.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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