DEVELOPING. Roger-Stone-Inspired Threats Of Violence Against Delegates Under….

Source: RedState | April 13, 2016 | streiff

DEVELOPING. Roger-Stone-Inspired Threats Of Violence Against Delegates Under Police Investigation

As you all know, Donald Trump confidant, liar, and thug, Roger Stone has been inciting Donald Trump fans to violence. He has not only called for riots at the Cleveland GOP convention, he has threatened to direct mobs to the hotel rooms of delegates who are underwhelmed by the idea of voting for Donald Trump. This has led to at least one call that his inciting riots and assaults be investigated as a criminal offense.

Over the weekend POLITICO reported on how the craptacular, Trump-esque efforts of Donald Trump’s Indiana organization resulted in Trump not having a single delegate who will vote for Trump on the second ballot. Several delegates made it very clear they were #NeverTrump.

Roger Stone put out the call:

 And Donald Trump thugs performed as promised. Now Indiana police are investigated what are believed to be plausible threats against GOP convention delegates.


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    slhancock1948 #4373

    If republicans will still stand with a man like Trump, then we know what we must do. Build a 3rd party and quickly. If this is going to be allowed to stand, then this current republican party is no different than the democrat party. Reince Preibus MUST call an end to this or warn Trump that he will face suspension of his campaign as a republican and that he can take his campaign to a 3rd party.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    EVERYDAY #4376

    Roger Stone is a terrorist and the Trump thugs are on a par with Black Lives Matter. They belong in prison.

    mostlyhomebound #4382

    stone is a nazi.

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    Victoria #4396

    Yesterday I read many Republican office holders who are on the ballot this year, have decided not to go to the national convention because they don’t want to be in the midst of trouble breaking out. They are staying home and continuing to hold political events in their area. If I were a candidate, I wouldn’t go either.

    Jeb Bush is one who also will not go. He said news reporters would be watching him if trouble happened and he had to leave the convention. He says it would be a lose lose situation so he is not going.

    Consider if you were a delegate and Stone is setting people up to harass you or worse. If someone knocked on your room door, would you open it? Do you want that danger?

    Trouble will always follow Trump – he invites it, he likes it, he thrives on it. The country would be in turmoil constantly if he is president. He can’t control himself so how could he control the country? Jesus Christ, keep him out of the White House.

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