Did Trump ‘Steal’ Missouri First Ballot Delegates from Cruz?

Source: Conservative Review | April 12, 2016 | Robert Eno

Today, the Missouri Secretary of State finally released the certified results of the March 15, 2016 Republican Primary.   Donald Trump received 383,631 votes (40.84 percent), and Ted Cruz received 381,666 votes (40.63 percent).   The miniscule difference in vote was 1,935 out of 939,270 votes cast.  Based on the state’s winner-take-all system, Trump ended up with 37 delegates to Cruz’s 15.   Under Trump’s definition of ‘stealing,’ did he steal from Cruz, or were those the rules?

Here’s a chart of the vote percentages.

 GOP MO Primary Results


GOP MO Primary Delegates Awarded


Delegate Allocation vs. Vote Percent


If the conventions over the next month go the way they are projected, Cruz supporters would snag a minimum of 43 of the state’s 52 delegates for the second ballot and rules committees. This is an stunning reversal of the current delegate count.

There is a real possibility that although both candidates were essentially tied in Missouri, Trump will have over 70 percent of the first ballot delegates, and Cruz over 70 percent of the second ballot delegates.   Here’s a question for Trump: Is one of the scenarios fairer than the other?  Or are they both just playing by the rules of the game?

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