Dogs that can detect coronavirus with nearly 100 percent accuracy are being deployed at a European airport

Source: The Hill | September 23, 2020 | Joseph Guzman

Coronavirus-sniffing dogs are being used to detect infected passengers.

Finland is utilizing the skills of man’s best friend in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. 

Dogs arrived at Finland’s Helsinki Airport Tuesday as part of a pilot program that uses canines to sniff out travelers who may be infected with the coronavirus. 

According to The Associated Press (AP), travelers who agree to participate in the voluntary program are asked to swab their skin with a wipe that is then put into a jar and given to a dog waiting in a separate area. 

It reportedly takes the dog about 10 seconds to indicate whether the sample is COVID-19 positive. Passengers checked by the coronavirus-sniffing canines will then be asked to take a standard test to determine whether the dog’s conclusion was correct. All tests are free for passengers arriving at the airport.


Several studies have suggested dogs can be trained to successfully identify people infected with the coronavirus through sweat, saliva and urine samples. Some studies showed the dogs could sniff out the virus with almost 95 percent accuracy. 


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